Lorenz Family picture taken in San Fransisco de Dos Ríos, Costa Rica.  December 25, 2017.

About the Lorenz Family

Glenn and Wendy, both ordained elders in the Free Methodist Church, were appointed as career missionaries in April 2015. The family moved to Costa Rica in January of 2017. Glenn's responsibilities include working with the Pastoral Formation Team across Central America as well as being the interim pastor of Peniel Free Methodist Church in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Wendy's responsibilities include facilitating a team to build Christian education curriculum for Latin America.

Wendy graduated from Spring Arbor University with a BA in Christian Ministries and Asbury Theological Seminary with a MA in World Missions and Evangelism.  Glenn graduated from San Jose State with a BA in Speech Communication and from Asbury Seminary with a MDiv and a DMin.  Glenn and Wendy have served churches in California, Michigan, Arizona, and Kansas as well as taught at Central Christian College of Kansas.  They have four children ranging in age from 10-16 years old. 



     We moved to Costa Rica to strategically focus on pastoral training and leadership development in order to help fuel and sustain a biblical movement to reach Latin American for Christ, specifically through Community Church Planting. Some church leaders have suggested that of all of the Evangelical pastors in Costa Rica, only 30% have had any pastoral training. We want to extend encouragement, and develop opportunities and resources for our Latin American brother and sisters who have been called to be pastors and leaders in the local church. To accomplish this major facet of the ministry, Glenn participates on a curriculum development team in order to train pastors across all of Latin America.  

     Second, the Latin American church has adopted a church planting methodology with a strong dual emphasis in evangelism and leadership development. In English it's called "Community Church Planting," or CCP. In Spanish the acronym is PIC. Glenn will have increasing responsibilities with PIC throughout Central America as Latin American leaders focus on the implementation of the PIC program.     

     Third, in February Glenn was installed as the interim pastor of the Peniel Free Methodist Church in Alajuela.  The church has a great facility that many Free Methodist Churches from the United States have worked on over the years.  We are developing relationships with the people, loving them, and praying that God will raise up the next pastor for the church.